Precinct Committeemen

Precinct Name
Brown Fisher Frederick Kaiser
Champaign 2 Kyle Harrison
Champaign 3 Jim Green
Champaign 4 John P. Brown
Champaign 5 Jim McGuire
Champaign 6 James Phillips
City of Champaign 11 Todd J. Hunter
City of Champaign 12 Ross Richards
City of Champaign 20 John M. Reed
City of Champaign 21 Mark S Ballard
City of Champaign 24 Katie M. Blakeman
City of Champaign 32 Jason P. Rector
City of Champaign 34 Garrett T. Anderson
City of Champaign 36 Edward G. Kavanaugh
City of Champaign 38 Joseph P. Chamley
City of Champaign 9 Richard J Montgomery
Compromise Gifford Michael E. Brown
Compromise Penfield Eric J. Suits
Condit Ronald D Scudder
Cunningham 10 Jan L. Miller
Cunningham 12 Dan Walsh
Cunningham 18 James E. Brown
Cunningham 19 Bill Burtness
Cunningham 21 Georgia McCartney
Cunningham 23 Mark Shelden
Cunningham 7 Chris Beaird
Cunningham 9 Keith Erickson
East Bend Barbara A. Corbly
Hensley Robert Sherman
Ludlow 2 Diane S. Michaels
Ludlow 3 Donald R. Murray
Mahomet 1 Margaret White
Mahomet 2 David N Parsons
Mahomet 3 Joseph McCullough
Mahomet 4 Chapin Rose
Mahomet 5 John D Jay
Newcomb Roger Cruse
Ogden 1 DeCoda M Burris
Philo Eric Bussell
Rantoul 1 Anthony J. Brown
Rantoul 2 Frederick W. Randall
Rantoul 3 Gary M. Crane
Rantoul 4 Jay D Arnold
Rantoul 5 James A Rusk
Sadorus Sadorus Theodore "Ted" Myhre
Scott Bondville Luke Saathoff
South Homer Kevin W Knott
St. Joseph 1 Aaron Esry
St. Joseph 2 Tami Fruhling-Voges
St. Joseph 3 Gregory J. Knott
Stanton J.C. Reitmeier
Tolono 1 Larry D. Kearns
Tolono 2 Joan E. Dykstra
Tolono 3 Robert Murphy
Urbana 1 John Farney
Urbana 2 Debra Griest
Urbana 3 Barbara A. Burch Rogers

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