Petitions 2018

In order to get on the Primary ballot in Illinois, candidates must collect signatures of registered voters on petitions.  Signatures can be gathered by any citizen over 18 or older.  People can gather signatures in their neighborhood, among friends, or at gatherings.

We will try to have petitions for all Republican candidates on this page.  Click on the links below to get petitions to circulate.

Erika HaroldAttorney General

Rodney DavisU.S. Congress, Dist 13

John ShimkusU.S. Congress, Dist 15

Chapin RoseState Senate, Dist. 51

Brad HalbrookState Representative, Dist. 102

Mike MarronState Representative, Dist. 104

Gordy HultenCounty Executive

Allen JonesCounty Sheriff

John FarneyCounty Treasurer

Jon RectorCounty Clerk

Matt GrandoneCounty Clerk

Jodi WolkenCounty Board, District 2

Tom DillavouCounty Board, District 5

David WeisigerCounty Board, District 10

Tom Harris4th Appellate Court Justice

Jason HellandSecretary of State

Darlene SengerState Comptroller

Jim DodgeState Treasurer

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