Gordy Hulten County Executive

gordyhulten.jpgAfter eight years as Champaign County Clerk, Gordy Hulten is ready to lead the newly created office of Champaign County Executive.

As County Clerk, Gordy has implemented a countywide expansion of early voting, making voting more accessible to people everywhere.  In 2016, Champaign County had record voter turnout and over 50,000 people were able to cast a ballot at the time and in the place of their choice.

As County Executive, Gordy plans to work with local communities to bring economic development to all areas of the County.  He'll be looking for ways to streamline government while taking on important capital needs for the County, including resolving issues with the County jail system.

Gordy has found ways to save money in the County Clerks office and implemented such advancements as electronic poll books with no added cost to local taxpayers.  

Gordy will look for ways to bring policy makers from around the county together to address our shared goals and needs.  As Clerk of the County Board, Gordy has already worked closely with board members from both parties.  In his role as County Clerk, he has worked with every unit of local government on elections and property taxes.

Gordy is an active member of the Champaign-Urbana community. He is a member of the Champaign Rotary Club and serves on the Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband Not-for-Profit Board of Directors. He serves as Cubmaster of Pack 98 Cub Scouts. He also served his country as a member of the United States Army Reserve.

Gordy is a 2002 graduate of the University of Illinois, and lives in Champaign with his wife, Pam, and their children, Will and Cate.

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