Champaign County Republican Party

Local Republicans Promote Reform
and Good Government

Optimized-rsz_20200827_153727.jpgLocal Republicans are working to reform our broken county government.  Mark Shelden, County Recorder, Gary Maxwell, candidate for Auditor, and Ted Myhre, candidate for Treasurer have put forward a plan to change three purely administrative functions of County government from partisan political positions to appointed professional positions.

"Partisan politics operating without regard to professional qualifications has destroyed public confidence in offices that were once held in high regard," said County Recorder Mark Shelden.

The proposal would make the County Recorder an appointed position and combine the County Treasurer and County Auditor into a single appointed County Financial Officer.

 “I welcome the idea that in future years the County Board and County Executive would have a hiring process to find the best person to fill the job of County Financial Officer," said Ted Myhre, County Treasurer Candidate.

“I have no doubt that in combining the three finance departments of the County into a single office we will improve the decision making process about budgets and taxes for future County Boards,” said Maxwell.



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