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Elected Republicans

U. S. Sen. Mark Kirk

United States Senator

U.S. Congress. Rodney Davis

United States House of Representatives – 13th District

U.S. Congress. John Shimkus

United States House of Representatives – 15th District

Dan Rutherford
Illinois State Treasurer

Judy Barr Topkina
Illinois State Comptroller

Sen. Chapin Rose
Illinois 51th Senate Distict

Rep. Chad Hays
Illinois 104th Representative District

Rep. Bill Mitchell
Illinois 101st Representative District

Rep. Adam Brown
Illinois 102nd Representative District

Gordy Hulten
Champaign County Clerk

Dan Walsh
Champaign County Sheriff

Dan Welch
Champaign County Treasurer

John Farney


Katie Blakeman
Champaign County Circuit Clerk

Barb Frasca
Champaign County Recorder of Deeds

Duane Northrup
Champaign County Coroner

Judy Pacey
Regional Superintendent of Schools

Champaign County Board District One
John Jay
Gary Maxwell

Champaign County Board District Two
Diane Michaels
Stan James

Champaign County Board District Three

Aaron Esry

Stanley Harper

Champaign County Board District Four

Jon Schroeder

Jim McGuire

Champaign County Board District Five

Jeff Kibler

Max Mitchel

6th Judicial Circuit

Judge Heidi Ladd

4th Appellate Court

Judge Robert Steigmann

Illinois Supreme Court

Judge Rita Garman