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Rob Meister Announces Candidacy for 103rd House Seat

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Rob Meister Announces Candidacy for 103rd House Seat

Job creator and community leader launches a campaign focused on bringing responsive and effective leadership to the district

Robert Meister, Champaign business owner and Champaign City Partnership vice-chairman, announced that he is running for a seat in the Illinois General Assembly in the 103rd district. Meister made the announcement Tuesday at Boneyard Basin in Champaign with supporters and local business leaders by his side.


Meister, an Urbana native told supporters, “I was inspired to run because I recognize the opportunity that we have to create jobs, provide accessible and affordable education, and reform our state government with responsive, effective leadership.”


Shortly after graduating from Illinois State University, Robert purchased Minneci’s Restaurant from the Minneci Family in 2008. His hard work and enthusiasm produced immediate results, increasing business 20% in the first 3 years.  “As a job creator I understand that we need to build an environment that allows employers to provide more jobs for the people of this district, which will in turn create more revenue, and strengthen our economy as a whole.”


He told supporters that he plans to run a different type of political campaign, “I am going to earn the privilege of representing the people of this community by doing things too rarely seen in our state. I’m going to run a positive, fun, honest, and hard working campaign to ignite a new outlook for our future. Over the next year we will be focusing on how to create jobs, making education more accessible and affordable, and reforming our government to become responsive and efficient.”


Robert is the son of local school teacher Diane Meister and independent contractor Ron Meister. He is proud to have the support of his three brothers. The oldest, Ryan, is a Special Forces soldier who is a recipient of the Purple Heart and French Medal of Valor. Richard, is involved in construction and real estate. Rustin, the youngest brother, recently graduated with a Masters from the University of Illinois and is currently pursing a medical degree.


Robert, graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in political science and business management. At the age of 17 he earned the honor of Eagle Scout. In addition to his involvement in the business community, he actively supports more than a dozen non-profit organizations, including MDA, Autism Speaks, Wounded Warriors, American Breast Cancer Society & Relay for Life.


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